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Property Lettings and Management

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Tue 29 Aug 2017

Property Lettings and Management

"Property Management" is often assumed to mean "Property Maintenance " - "I've got an old letting agreement to copy, and my brother is a builder so I don't need a Property Managing Agent, I can do it myself!".

Lettings Management is not just about Property Maintenance, it is about ensuring Landlord clients are fully compliant with rafts of legislation and do not fall foul of the law, ensure correct Lease Agreements are properly signed and witnessed, rent payments carefully monitored and previous landlord references and financial checks supplemented by biannual inspections of the property - not only to ensure valued tenants are treating the property as they should, but also to alert Landlords of any Landlord issues affecting tenants or the structure of your property that may have arisen since our previous inspection.

We can then get Landlords choice of either the friend or brother, or one of our own reliable regular reputable and insured contractors to attend to it. We do not add a premium to our contractors rates either.

Should possession or any other Statutory Notice be required, we serve the appropriate Notice - if you serve the wrong one, or serve it incorrectly, it may well be void and unenforceable. Harass the tenant and you will be in trouble. Get too close to your tenant, and it can become awkward to conduct the letting as a property business transaction.

Landlords obligations and accountability have become very much more extensive and onerous over the past year or two, and the penalties for non-compliance heavier, loss of rent and court costs can be astronomical, and local Councils will tell a defaulting tenant to stay put until the bailiffs arrive  - so why take the risks upon yourself, for the sake of paying us the equivilent of a daily Cafe Latte?

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