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New Home Sales

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For buyers, from sales off plan to marketing completed properties, our experienced sales team takes over. We are well-versed in selling new properties from the creation of a lifestyle image and the importance of specification and finish. Our aim is to maximise the return on your investment of money, time and materials.

For Developers, Builders and Sellers, we provide a full appraisal valuation and marketing support service to our developer clients which enables them to get the most out of their project.

We have been advising developer clients for over 30 years and our expertise at the design stage can add value to what you build by increasing desirability and satisfying demand.

Heaton Homes Case Study

Thirty years ago, Country Property sold a building plot to Heaton Homes and as part of the deal a new house was built for the land owner, one of our customers.

The association was born and ever since, Heaton Homes has trusted Country Property to sell all of their new-build executive style homes.

Since these early days technologies have improved, for example every Heaton Home is now externally finished with 'K Rend' through-pigment render and fitted with a Megaflo mains pressurised hot water system. Also, many changes to construction legislation have taken place but these are dealt with invisibly by Heaton Homes, ensuring the buyer gets a modern and well apportioned house guaranteed by an LABC 10 year warranty.

The quality of the workmanship has continually evolved to be consistently above average. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Heaton Homes hold their value so well on resale.

Country Property have also developed the way they assist buyers, guiding them through the potential challenges of buying a new build property from plan – such as any room alterations, ensuring floor coverings and tiling are to the new owner’s exact specification and all in an achievable timescale.

For Heaton Homes, we aim to exceed expectations to make sure the buyer gets the most from their new home, not just until the point of sale, but right up until the move in date and thereafter.

It has all gone full circle because Country Property have marketed and sold that same house for the estate of the original customers, who had lived there for the rest of their lives. The house, apart from looking a little cosmetically tired, looks as good as the day it was built.

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