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The secret of sales success

Country Property consultants are experienced and professional people who you can physically visit and talk to on the phone or in person, or email or text if you wish. You can’t do that with Mr Purplebricks, whoever that might be!

And remember, the Purplebricks model requires sellers to pay an upfront fee or signed contract to pay their fee at some stage regardless of whether or not they find you a buyer, and if you want the same level of service provded by traditional High Street agents, you will see from the brief subtitle on their TV advertsments – if you are quick enough and able to read it clearly – they state you will be paying 1.5%! Might be + VAT, but that is not made clear either.

Contact Country Property for experienced and professionally qualified advice, by people who provide a service which does not rely upon massive financial subsidies, but who support local community and charities, on a non sale, no fee basis. Phone us now on 01454 321339.

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